About the Attic


This blog is intended for educators in general, but with special attention given to history and social studies teachers.

I’ve had an interesting 15 year social studies teaching career. I’m not boasting (in fact I think it’s indicative of some problems in our profession), but I’ve taught the following courses/subjects over the years, in this order:

      • All of American History in one year
        World Geography for students who failed it previously (in a few cases twice)
        American History 1877 to present
        American History 1945 to present
        American History 1900 to present
        American History from 1877 to present (college level since 2001)
        American History from “beginnings” to 1877 (college level since 2001)
        American History 1492 to present
        European History from Ancient Greece to Napoleon
        American History from 1877 to present
        AP Human Geography
        A wide mix of NEH Teacher Workshops and technology professional development workshops along the way

I have heard far, far, worse. However, I’m a bit bothered by the fact that I’ve spent so much time creating activities for these subjects, and they just sit around gathering dust.

So, the objective of The History Teacher’s Attic is to get this dusty stuff off of my hands, all the while adding new content and resources for the history or social studies teacher. I’ll do my best to reach across the breadth of the content areas, specifically focused on middle school, high school, and undergrad.

I’ve also got a useful bunch of things in my real attic that I’ve researched over the years and have used in the classroom. I’ll be sure to include some in digital form with resources from time to time.

I plan to offer resources in three categories; “high tech”, “low tech,” and “no tech.” I’m an intensely tech-oriented person, and realize that many educators are just not impressed. So, I hope to help as many educators as possible across the technology spectrum.