18 Student Tweets About History Teachers


So, I’m thinking that at some point in the future, our Tweet data will be considered primary documents. What do the following say about history teachers in the (declining) Web 2.0 Era? How many of these were tweeted in class? For those of you new to Twitter, or perhaps completely unfamiliar with the tool, it’s actually quite easy to find these through Twitter’s search (I actually use TweetDeck). I thought I’d post some of these now, as the crop of “history teacher” tweets is dwindling due to summer break. Enjoy!

My history teacher seems to think that CAPS LOCK IS CRUISE CONTROL FOR COOL.

Well I just saw my U.S. History teacher outside joining the strike so I guess no 1st period?

history teacher told me to stop tweeting

My history teacher is speaking German! I am so scared!

AP US history teacher stopped in. Told me I am vastly overqualified to push credit cards.

My history teacher completely skipped over the bad parts of dubyas presidency! She made it seem as if he was this great man.

Just saw my history teacher randomly outside with her kid. Lol weird.

Playing volleyball with my class and history teacher. Yes, we’re seniors.

History teacher: “they jumped Uncle Sam and took his pants.”

My first period iss soo boringggg !!!! Wow my history teacher doesn’t stop talking … Summer please ?

My history teacher just told me that im an exceptional writer and very smart i just need to focus. Ha like thats going to happen.

Twittng while history teacher is yaping away

I hate my history teacher. We all did the reports and he said: “These reports are all copy&paste.” And I was awake til 4am to do copy&paste?

Best new Facebook friend ever: my high school history teacher. Jealousy, ensue.

Why do people laugh when I say I wanna be a English or History teacher when I grow up?

does my history teacher get all his notes from Wikipedia? i looked up the Twenties and allll the terms and concepts we use are in here.

Begin a history teacher is a “look”, brown sweaters, jeans and bitching about capitalism all day.

Why did I get stuck with such a bad history teacher?On a better note my birthday is in five days.

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